Handmade Soaps of Yesteryear

Handmade Soaps of Yesteryear
Primitive Handmade Soaps inspired by Granny's Soap of yesteryear.  My  Grandmothers lye soap was used for everything from laundry to poison oak. 

Granny made pine tar soap to help with skin conditions like psoriasis and dandruff.

Our soaps are different than Granny's, hers were much more harsh and made with wood ash. 

One of my fondest memories was making soap with Granny.

She would always make large batches every year when she would cook down the lard.
For you city slickers I don't dare tell you where lard came from.
Granny was a Mountain woman in the truest sense, outhouse and all. 

Times were hard but you didn't hear anyone complaining about not being happy. 

Maybe they were too busy to worry about complaining!

Our soap may have been inspired by Granny but rest assured it's not harsh and most of them are vegetable oil bases. 

Wonderful soaps with essential oils and fine hand selected ingredients. 

Order some Old Fashioned Primitive Handmade Soaps that are gentle, wash clean without stripping skin of natural oils and leave your skin so smooth.

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